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Training Certificate ACP

The Training Certificate in coloproctology was established as evidence that a surgeon has successfully completed a structured program in coloproctology. With the certificate, the candidate is eligible to take the exam of the European Board of Surgery in coloproctology (EBSQ/Coloproct).
Members of the ACP may apply for a Training Certificate.

 Basic courses for 8 to 10 participants are offered at various centres in Austria and conclude with an examination
- A candidate must present a log of operations proving competence in basic and advanced proctological procedures
- Visiting physicianships and participation in specialized investigations
- Attendance at national and international colorectal conferences

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Contact: Dr. Kira Sorko-Enzfelder

This extra-occupational specialisation takes at least 3 years and can be begun at any time. The required theoretical and practical components given below can be completed at the individual’s convenience.

A variety of rotations and electives in different institutions should provide the candidate with a broad view of coloproctology.
The Society wishes you success and fulfilment in the practice of coloproctology.

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